Moving emails from one domain to another

Plan to change domain soon ?

Think about moving your email infrastructure early.
It works as e-mail redirect(domain-to-domain email forwarding) from old domain to new.
Old email sent to will be forwarded to

You have:
Dozens of user emails
You need:
Move it to another domain with saving backward compatibility

We have a solution

Just create new mail accounts on the new domain, and set up ProxiedMail on the old one to forward emails from old domain to new:

All incoming emails to old email domain will be forwarded to new one.

Enjoy incredible as we're not charging per account/address.
You can also get 10 emails for free, but wildcard domain-to-domain email forwarding is premium-only.

+ Don’t loose customers
+ Make a smooth transition
+ Low-budget
+ You have one problem less when changing domain
+ Save access to all your services during transition
+ Make sure you moved everything

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