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The initial release of ProxiedMail was on 12th March 2020. I have created it inspired by Apple Private Relay. Back in the time I just wanted to make privacy protection enabled for every platform. And now I still don't know why we should give somebody our emails directly. I hope I described it properly in my articles here.


Let's meet, I'm Alex. I was born in Ukraine and lived there till the russian invasion in February 2022. On the main picture of this article, you can see the beautiful buildings of Kyiv. After the invasion, I've moved to amazing Portugal.

It is not the first project of mine. Previously I have worked on some software that was a bit popular but was closed by lawyers of big corp (FAANG). Additionally, they have closed my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Btw, I'm inviting you to subscribe on my new Instagram. So, that is the one of additional reasons why I suggest you use some proxy before your real email on Gmail, Outlook, Fastmail, etc. Own your email, don't allow big corps to own it.

Our engineering team is still in Ukraine. Physical infrastructure is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

All your data on our project is encrypted with 3 DES by default and we also offer an additional layer of encryption for your safety by AES encryption which is used by the US government. We're rotating encryption keys every 24 hours. We couldn't disclose any of your data even if we really want, because we don't have the encryption keys.

Uptime for the last 2 years is 99.9%.

Feel free to DM me anytime at alex@proxiedmail.com

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