Protect your email

Forgot about data-leaks, spammers, vendor-lock. Turn on the smart layer before your real email.
Own your email, don't delegate it to big corps.


Minimum package to protect your data on the internet

  • Up to 10 proxy-emails
  • Replying to your emails
  • Incredible support within 24 hours
  • 3 DES encryption
  • Replies from proxy-email


Billed annually

Essential for advanced internet users to protect the data and truly own the digital assets

  • Everything from Free plan
  • Unlimited proxy-emails
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Additional layer of AES Encryption
  • Enhanced privacy protection: notifying about data-leaks with your data, e-mail tracking protection.


Billed annually

Completed protection of your data with incredible scale.

  • Everything from "Plus" plan
  • Unlimited proxy-emails
  • Service-level agreement with 99.9% availability
Stay protected and own your email by price of small frappuccino in the Starbucks.
Your digital assets cost more. Every payment helps us to maintain your digital security.
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