E-Mail forwarding across domains

Start forwarding e-mails between your custom domains to any e-mail addresses or other custom domains by the wildcard proxy-email rule.

*@customdomain.com -> *@anotherdomain.com (catch-all)
*@customdomain.com -> pxdmail-astrid@gmail.com

Any email is forever yours without any obligations since it was created on ProxiedMail.

Email forwarding across domains with ProxiedMail

Wildcard proxy-emails

Support of catch all forwarding like *@customdomain.com -> *@anotherdomain.com

API + Webhook

Use API to create proxy-emails with your custom domains and receive webhooks on incoming messages.

API/Callback logs

Access to callback logs to monitor how you're handling incoming emails

And many more...
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To set up email forwarding across domains you need:


Don't pay for additional licenses

Our pricing includes a lifetime plan for $35, and our yearly subscription starts at just $9 per annum. This is in contrast to Google Workspace's charge of $6 per email address each month.

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If you're interested please check out our instruction for Migration Between Domains

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