ProxiedMail Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Last revision: 26 March 2024.


This agreement outlines the expectations and guarantees for the uptime of ProxiedMail and its components: the main backend (ProxiedMail), GAPI, and the PXD Mail Delivery Server. It specifies how downtime is measured, what happens if we don't meet our uptime commitment, and the compensation you're entitled to if the agreed service levels aren't met.

This agreement might be changed without the notice. All paid users are subject to keep the service on a previous terms for the next 720 days.

Service Components

Uptime Commitment

We guarantee 99.9% uptime annually. This means the allowed downtime is minimal.

Measuring Downtime

Downtime is only counted when critical features are unavailable.

These features are:

If these services, dependent on the PXD Mail Delivery Server and ProxiedMail, are down, it's officially considered downtime.

Downtime Monitoring

Check the status of our services anytime at

Compensation for Downtime

Special Circumstances compensation is due to pay in the next 360 days.

Final Notes

We're committed to providing a reliable and efficient service. This SLA is designed to give you peace of mind and assurance that we stand behind our service quality.

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