E-mail migration between domains

Moving to another domain soon ?

Maintain email continuity during domain migration to prevent any loss of messages!
We are pleased to provide a domain-to-domain email forwarding service.
This solution allows for seamless transfer of your emails from one domain to another, ensuring no messages are missed.
Emails originally sent to astrid@olddomain.com will automatically be redirected to astrid@newdomain.com.

Moving between domains instruction
Review your situation
You have:
Dozens of email messages
You need:
Backward compatibility in email migration. Move it to another domain with saving backward compatibility (i.e receive messages sent to old email on the new one)

Follow these easy steps

Create new mail accounts on the new domain, and set up ProxiedMail on the old one to forward emails from the old domain to the new:

Start migration right now

Don't lose messages

Kick off with your new domain hassle-free and keep the forwarding from the old one until everyone's up to speed with your new email. Or, leave it on forever - our lifetime plan's priced just right for that kind of peace of mind.

Make a smooth transition

Fastest possible migration between domains to achieve email preservation.


There is nothing that could go wrong with legacy domain email forwarding setup as long as you just use ProxiedMail for backward compatibility.


Don't pay for additional licenses

Our pricing includes a lifetime plan for $35, and our yearly subscription starts at just $9 per annum. This is in contrast to Google Workspace's charge of $6 per email address each month.

Need Help ?

We’re always happy to assist and even could do the whole procedure instead of you with 100% reliability guarantee.
Contact us on movemails@proxiedmail.com


If you're interested please check out our instruction for Email Forwarding across domains

Also check out our blog article about How to maintain email continuity during domain migration.

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