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How to detect who is selling your personal data ?

If you're frequently using the internet, signing up on websites, or sharing your email and personal info - your data is probably selling. Regardless of want you it or don't. But there are some precautionary measures which will help you to avoid it in some cases. The easiest way to cut to half of the stream of trading your data is you will never guess - using ProxiedMail everywhere instead of giving your direct email. The reasons are the following:

  1. Google retargeting could work by cookies, or by email lists. You can make sure of it by Google Customer match description - https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/6379332?hl=en
  2. Some of the services are selling your email address to 3rd party services to send you spam. You will never get proof of it when you use your direct email without safeguards before your email like a ProxiedMail.

Ok, finally, how to detect who is selling your email? The answer is as always - ProxiedMail. When you follow the rule, one site - one email for login you can easily detect who sold your email address. Just look at the address you've received the email on and where you have used this address, for which website.

In the end, I want to tell you some stories from my life, but don't forget, on the ProxiedMail you can create a lot of emails @proxiedmail.com by your real address on Gmail, Protonmail, or Outlook.

So, when I moved to Portugal, I went to the gym with my girlfriend, and we both requested the evaluation. Evaluation is a process of the session with one of the trainers. Trainer measures your fat, weight, height and compose you some training program to achieve your result. We have communicated with the trainer by SMS. When our training plan was ready she requested our emails. My girlfriend gave her email directly on Gmail and I gave my email on ProxiedMail. Everything was fine.

Few days after got a call from (as I thought) my mobile carrier in Portugal. They have asked me to install their internet in my flat because I have mobile service and cable internet in the house from different provider. I was an obsessive person, and they asked me to tell my address to check if they have coverage of internet in my building. Then, they asked me for my tax number. It was the point when I realized it was a scam because they knew my tax number. So, I have decided to play the game until the end. I gave her some random tax number, and she asked me to set up an appointment to wire the internet to my flat. I've agreed. Finally, I got the invoice to pay for the appointment. By the email address, I gave to my trainer. It's 100% percent unique because I have never shared it anywhere else. Then, I found the information that many of the trainers working in the call center and selling the personal information and contact data of their clients. That was the story of how I detected who sold my data to scammers.

Keep your data safe, and never give up. Use ProxiedMail.

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