Shared profile access between emails

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Create profile on any service with a e-mail hosted on the ProxiedMail and be able to share incoming messages to your friends or colleagues.
Receive updates, confirmation codes and just own your accounts together. Endless re-logins no longer needed.

Let's start

Enter your real email and invent proxy address to get alias at which allows you to receive emails without showing your real email.
We will forward emails from proxy-address to your real immediately after sent. You can disable this email anytime.

Questions & answers

How to share account between multiple peoples ?
It's pretty easy. Just sign-up on the service which account you want to share via e-mail hosted at and add accounts of your recipients(people to share with) as real addresses.
Can I use ProxiedMail as shared mailboxes ?
Absolutely yes. You can use ProxiedMail as a shared mailbox, but you don't have to share mailbox credentials or even create a new accounts. Just use a e-mail hosted at ProxieMmail and don't forget to set up your recipients.
How to automatically forward e-mails to multiple recipients ?
ProxiedMail has been created to forward emails anywhere. Add e-mails for forwarding to, and use e-mail hosted at our service.
How to share confirmation code between e-mails ?
Sign up on the service, which confirmation code you want to share, add needed recipients, and be happy with ProxiedMail.
Can I use it for multiple users of same email address with different profiles ?
Of course. Use hosted at ProxiedMail address for profile e-mail and assign your recipients to.
Can I set up one profile access with multiple emails ?
Yes. We have provide single entry point - email at ProxiedMail and will forward your messages to all assigned e-mails.
Simple e-mail workflows - the power of flexibility
  • Share messages between multiple e-mail addresses.
  • Use proxy-email for independent access for shared accounts
  • Simply add new recipients to shared profiles
  • Be protected from privacy violations, aggressive marketing and data aggregations
  • Data-leaks are no longer afraid: thief can't associate your email with your another accounts
  • Complete management of your e-mails: delete recipients, disable proxy-emails anytime
  • Change provider interface anytime. Migration from GMail to ProtonMail is no problem anymore