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Concept of using ProxiedMail

The main concept of the ProxiedMail service is providing to you the reliable e-mail addresses with forwarding to your real e-mail address on the services such as Gmail, Outlook, and ProtonMail.

Now it's dozens of places where you can obtain e-mail address (such as Gmail, Protonmail, Outlook), but that services is not usually designed to provide you the e-mail address.

Right email flow

They are usually designed to display, sort, and filter spam letters, not to be reliable address providers. Speaking about the e-mails - we're selling you only addresses, not more not less.

So, we've designed the ProxiedMail for you to rely on us for the safety and flexibility of your digital assets such as internet services (Netflix, Facebook, internet banking, amazon, Figma, etc... - especially if it's junky stuff) because you are using e-mail and password as the access key to that services.

Great Support

Additionally, we're designed to provide you a reliable support. Everyone who has tried to deal with the support of Google, Facebook, and other big corporations knows about their support - they don't have any people at all. In case of someone block your account by mistake - your hope is a kind robot. Unlike ProxiedMail - we have real people always here for you.

Unique e-mails for each website

It was the first concept. And part of that concept is using unique e-mails for each website you're trying to sign up for or subscribe to the mailing list. That's giving you the ability to track data leaks, transfer the account to someone else, and be anonymous on each website. You don't have to leave any trace of yourself when you're deciding not to use some internet service anymore. You are protected from spam.

No single point of failure

Also, following these simple rules allows you to switch your e-mail provider anytime. From Gmail to ProtonMail. From Outlook to Gmail. Anytime, just in seconds. You can switch your Facebook address to Gmail, but leave your Github account on Outlook. Just because you can.

Remember, companies like Google(Gmail) and Microsoft(Outlook) serving a lot more than a e-mail services. They could raise pricing, close the company and etc, etc.

This is very unlikely, but you all of your digital assets on which are you spending a lot of money with a lot of value still depending on it.

It's always better to use the right tool for your goals.

Security of digital assets (bonus)

Speaking of digital assets security such as account on Revolut, PayPal, etc - it's really better to use ProxiedMail for it.

The reason for that is when your e-mail is static(you using same email everywhere) - intruder have to obtain only password. Using ProxiedMail for that staff giving you some kind of second password because your email is unique everytime as we hope your password too.


Chao! Alex, founder of ProxiedMail.

Always ready to help on alex@proxiedmail.com

Remember the rule: single website - single unique proxy-email on ProxiedMail ;)

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