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Temporary email on Hotmail via ProxiedMail

Own your e-mail

Next time a website asks for your email address, give an proxy-email instead of your real email.
Incoming messages will be forwarded to your real email address automatically.

Email message
Someone sent you a message. It can be personal message or notification from one of your used services.
ProxiedMail encrypted
We have received your message and then we are looking for your real address to forward.
Your real address
We have forwarded your message to your real email address. You can deactivate receiving the messages anytime or delete it permanently.

Everything digital depends on email. Protect it.
Make it smart. Think about future.

Let’s start

Enter your real email and invent proxy address to get alias at which allows you to receive emails without showing your real email.

We will forward emails from proxy-address to your real immediately after sending. You can disable this email anytime.
Let us help you. Explain your problem and we will contact you to solve it.
Email Address
Thank you! We'll contact you soon
Our managers will contact you via email to solve the problem.