Disposable email on AOL

How it works ? Step-by-step
1. Email message
Someone sent you a message. It can be personal message or notification from one of your used services.
2. ProxiedMail encrypted
We have received your message and then we are looking for your real address to forward.
3. Your AOL address
We have forwarded your message to your real email address on AOL. You can deactivate receiving the message from the used proxy-address anytime or delete it permanently.

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We provide an e-mail address hosted at ProxiedMail which will forward all your incoming emails to your AOL address.
Your email address at ProxiedMail is disposable, so you can activate or deactivate, remove it anytime. This solution can be used instead of default ProtonMail aliases, which is limited and depend on mail provider(AOL).

You can create a new e-mail proxy-address each time when you need it. The best practice is to use a new email for each time when you need.
Simple e-mail workflows - the power of flexibility
  • Share messages between multiple e-mail addresses.
  • Use proxy-email for independent access for shared accounts
  • Simply add new recipients to shared profiles
  • Be protected from privacy violations, aggressive marketing and data aggregations
  • Data-leaks are no longer afraid: thief can't associate your email with your another accounts
  • Complete management of your e-mails: delete recipients, disable proxy-emails anytime
  • Change provider interface anytime. Migration from GMail to ProtonMail is no problem anymore
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