Web Alternative to Firefox Relay

Email message
Someone sent you a message. It can be personal message or notification from one of your used services.
ProxiedMail encrypted
We have received your message and then we are looking for your real address to forward.
Your real address
We have forwarded your message to your real email address. You can deactivate receiving the message from the used proxy-address anytime or delete it permanently.

ProxiedMail Alternative

We have provide the service similiar to Firefox Relay, but for all platforms. Don't be afraid to start with anonymous mailing.

Classify the product as a better Firefox Relay: not related to the platform, not limited.

Let's start

Enter your real email and invent proxy address to get alias at @proxiedmail.com which allows you to receive emails without showing your real email.
We will forward emails from proxy-address to your real immediately after sent. You can disable this email anytime.

Better than Firefox Relay
  • No install required rather than Firefox Relay. Extension for Google chrome is available, but install isn't required..
  • Can be used as alternatives to Firefox Relay for Google Chrome.
  • Working on any browsers and mobile phone. Worked on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and etc.
  • Allows to add multiple proxies to the same real address.
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