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Maintain email continuity during domain migration

How to maintain email continuity during domain migration

Sometimes we need to e-mail migration between domains. It could be caused by company name change, acquisition or just something else. In this case we definitely have more hassle than we ever wanted to have, but in the same time we need to save backward compatibility in email migration.

Otherwise, we could lose some important emails, and it could be a disaster for our business as email is one of the more important way of communication.

In the same time if we have dozens of users - we don't want to pay for additional license and check one more place for incoming email which could be a nightmare.

Legacy domain email forwarding setup: possible options

We don't have a lot of options here, but here is the list of possible solutions:

  1. Keep subscription & licenses for your current email set up

    In this case you will have to pay for additional license and keep checking your old email box for incoming emails. You will start using your new domain already, but you're not you won't have a single place for all your emails.

  2. Legacy domain email forwarding setup from your old domain to your new domain.

    In this case you will receive all messages from your old email to a new one, so you will have a single place for all your incoming emails.

    Additionally, you will save money as you don't need to pay for additional license for your old domain.

    So, it will not more useful solution, but also much cheaper or free.

    Taking into account that license cost $ 72 USD/year on average you will start saving money just from the first year because this forwarding solution without any limits could cost you just $9 USD/year or 35 USD forever.

    This is insane value for money!

Solution Gmail Outlook ProxiedMail
Price / year, USD 72 per license 83 per license 9 all-inclusive


As this particular article made to tell you more about the second solution - we're going to describe it in more details.

Still, you can choose the first one, but I'm not sure if we're going to choose it if it's definitely more expensive and less convenient. Anyway, if you're going to choose the first one - you can skip the rest of the article, but contact me to explain why.

Implementing domain change email preservation

2nd option!

So, let's start implementing our solution with email forwarding setup.

Follow this easy steps:

  1. Sign up

    Sign up to ProxiedMail to start migration.

  1. Attach your domain to ProxiedMail with MX record update for old domain to ProxiedMail. Go to “Manage domains” from Proxies desk and add it there. You need to do the full set up including DKIM (last step of adding email).

  1. Check.

    Please check that you added a domain with verified 1st step(ownership) and added old fully migrated to ProxiedMail.

  1. Add wildcard proxy-email with your domain.

    Specify "*" in Proxy Address and specify needed real email to start forwarding all incoming emails from your domain to some specific address. Or also you can add just static addresses you need to forward from your domain. Or you can also specify "*" in Real Address if you want to forward emails between two domains you own. In this case please confirm your second domain with TXT record (ownership confirmation) via adding it as custom domains. No need to set up MX in this case.

  1. Well done!

    Enjoy your domain-to-domain email forwarding!

  1. Something went wrong? Don't to hesitate to contact us asking for help. Email: movemails@proxiedmail.com or via "Ask us" button that available if you already signed up.


So, we did everything great. It should work now, or at least it supposed to work. If you have any issues - please contact us and we will help you to solve it.

From my side I would say that it's a great solution for your email migration, anyway I do recommend you to explain power of ProxiedMail a little more to see what it's really has to offer.

ProxiedMail also has API, also we're making emailing great again, so read about ProxiedMail Concept.

Also, marketing materials: E-Mail forwarding across domains, E-mail migration between domains.

Don't overpay for licenses and make it more smooth.

Até à próxima! (looking forward to see you again!)

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