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ProxiedMail is the new way of mailing experience

Welcome to ProxiedMail,

I hope you will have a good journey with the service. In this article, I'll tell you something about our product. Our product is created with love for the best of the best professionals, workers, and good humans. We use our service daily for life, and professional tasks and recommend it to everyone else. It's important for me to produce a good product and excellently serve my users.

What is ProxiedMail?

ProxiedMail is a hidden gateway between your real email address and the big internet world. The Internet world has hackers, data leaks, and privacy violations. So, ProxiedMail is standing in the middle to protect your privacy. After signing up on the ProxiedMail you can create a lot of emails like X@proxiedmail.com and use it to sign up for endless internet services. You will receive those emails to your real address.

For example, you want to sign up on Uber, stay anonymous on Uber, and control dozens of marketing emails that Uber sends you. Let's create the proxy email to your real address on the ProxiedMail, you can do it on your dashboard in the following way:

Real Address: john@gmail.com

Proxy Binding: jjkj1lsf@proxiedmail.com

So, you can use jjkj1lsf@proxiedmail.com to sign up with Uber. All emails that are sent to you by your proxy address will be forwarded to your real email. After confirming your address you can disable all incoming emails by this proxy email - jjkj1lsf@proxiedmail.com.

Advantages of this approach

Can you use services like 10-minute email to get the same result in this case? Definitely not. The difference is huge. In our product you have all your email addresses in one place, so you can enable, disable or delete them anytime. How would you restore your password after using some trash 10-minutes mail service? No way. You can lose your data and never be able to restore it.


With our service, you can approach 100% of privacy and safety for your data on the Internet. Your real e-mail will be protected by a reliable firewall with strong encryption. Let yourself decide from who you want to receive emails, not some company marketing department. Only you can decide with who shares your email address, not when somebody sold your data our database has leaked somewhere.

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