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Start using the secret features of ProxiedMail

We have already told you why it's important to use ProxiedMail. When you are using emails hosted by our service you fully own it, protected from data leaks and data-sellers. Although, you have amazing support. Now it's time to tell you about our amazing, secret features that will help you to protect your account.

  1. An additional layer of AES encryption. The government of the United States is using this encryption. So, you have the 2 layers of encryption. By default, we're using only 3 DES encryption. We're rotating encryption keys for each account every 24 hours.
  2. Recurring leaks audit. Our system analyzes all public and private data leaks. With enabled recurring security audit, we will notify you when your email appears in one of the data leaks.
  3. Email opening tracking protection. It is frequent when the internet services are tracking the opening of emails they sent by adding the 1px images to their emails. When you open this email, your email client is loading that 1px image and they got the information about your opening. With opening tracking protection we load all images by default, so it will be impossible to track you.
  4. API. Automate your use of our service by using our powerful API.
  5. HIPPA Compliance. HIPAA protects sensitive medical information.
  6. 100 proxy emails.

These features will help you to protect your account more efficiently and use ProxiedMail 100%. All that features are available in our Plus plan. Never give up your security and privacy for cup of a Starbucks Frappuccino per month ;)

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