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Using email directly is not safe anymore

Using email directly? How? What do you mean? The meaning is exactly what I wrote. I'm sure you have a lot of questions about this topic, but I can explain everything to you.

Under the "using email directly" I mean sending someone or typing somewhere your email like "astrid@protonmail.com" or "donald@gmail.com". What is wrong with it?

There is a huge difference between direct and indirect using. For example, in my world of programming and software engineering, we're separating implementation from interface. Interface - is the abstract concept in this case. We can consider the entry points of the email as the interface with 3 main functions - sending, receiving, and viewing. There are dozens of services for mailing which can provide you with this functionality such as Gmail, ProtonMail, Outlook, FastMail, and many others. But what about the separation of interface from implementation? We're always here to help. As you already might guess, the interface is - ProxiedMail.

We're providing only the intelligent interface to your email and leave the other work to your mailing client. You can create a lot of emails like an "x1, x2, x3@proxiedmail.com" and bind them to your mailing client. In this way, you'll separate the interface from the implementation.

There are the following advantages of this approach:

  1. Decoupling. You are not strictly coupled to your current email service, so you can change your mail provider anytime. From Gmail to ProtonMail for example. Or to the new mail client which will arrive today.

  2. Login security. You are not sharing your login from your mail service. Your email address is part of the secret credentials. After someone got your login, they only need to have your password to enter your mailbox. And it's frequently, that your main mailbox is your entire life. Do you share your password with everyone or do you love to walk naked by the streets ? Maybe you love to walk with CVV of your card on your t-short ? If the answer for everything is no, why would you share your login credentials for Gmail with everyone, for example?

  3. Avoid remarketing campaigns. Your email is used to set up remarketing campaigns on Google Ads. When you follow the rule of one email - one service you can avoid it. They selling your data and you're don't benefit from it.

  4. Avoid spam. When you disable your proxy email no one can physically send you any email until would re-enable it.

  5. Data sellers. Some services are selling emails that they got on their website to another service to send spam or target you to their services via ads. They definitely don't have any profit from selling your email that you've used only for one service.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy ProxiedMail!

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