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Why you probably don’t own your email, and how to fix it?

What is email for you? Frequently your email mailbox is an important part of life for you, half of life. Using your email you can log into every account you ever have on tons of websites. But, do you own this part of your life? It is better to ask, who owns this part of your life?

Gmail, Outlook, ProtonMail - part of your life owns big corps.

They are not focusing on your privacy and security. They own your email, not you. Google can block your email address anytime, just if you look a bit suspicious. I bet, you heard a lot of stories about when big corporations are blocking people Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube accounts.

You are the grain of sand in the sea for big corps. They even don't care if you leave.

In the opposite, I could tell you who really cares about you. It is ProxiedMail. Because we don't have what to care about except the reliability of our service and the customer support. We only support the gateway between your real email and proxy email, we just the gateway.

So, our focus is to be reliable, to be one who you really trust. Unlike the big corps.

Additionally, an important part of email service you can rely on, the independence. We're not interested to sell you to one of the email providers, our service is 100% independent and done for our own funds.

If you still have any doubts about the big corps - feel free to read how some guy have loosed his email on Gmail for definitely nothing https://www.nytimes.com/2022/08/21/technology/google-surveillance-toddler-photo.html

Trust us. Use ProxiedMail.

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